Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Some frequent cited sentences in knowledge management literature

I intend to bring here some most frequent cited sentences in KM literature. You can suggest a sentence as well.

This is one of most frequent cited sentence which authors refer to in tacit knowledge:

[knowledge] "originates and is applied in the minds of the knowers. In organizations, it often becomes embeded not only in documents or repositories, but also in in the organizational routines, processes, practices and norms."
Davenport, T.H. and Prusak, L. working knowledge, Harvard Business School Press, 1998.

"Tacit knowledge is personal, unarticulated knowledge, which is part of indivitual experience. Explicit knowledge is recorded, expressed in formal language and transmitted easily. The four which describe the conversion of tacit to explicit knowledge are socialization, externalization, combination and internalization.
Nonaka, I. and Takeuchi, H. (1995). The knowledge creating company. Oxford University Press.


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