Friday, February 18, 2005

Major topics of LIS and KM literature

  • Almost every paper in KM and LIS field has started with a brief description of knowledge management and its origin and challenges: difference between data, information and knowledge; tacit and explicit knowledge; organizational culture and so on which are general in every KM paper.

    The most topics regarding KM in relation with LIS are:

    1. The similarities between library work and knowledge management
    2. The difference of knowledge mangement and information management
    3. The skills needed for librarians as knowledge workers
    4. The role of LIS professionals in knowledge management
    5. The barrieres in front of LIS professionals to successfully engaged in knowledge management
    6. The role of knowledge management in leveraging the library efficiency
    7. The implications of knowledge management for LIS education
    8. The role of knowledge mangement in LIS job market
  • 9. The role of knowledge mangement in leveraging the position of LIS professionals


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