Wednesday, December 01, 2004

KM job advertisement

Below there is a KM job ad. It lists awide range of job qualifications - with some things to consider as we move forward in planning our futureas knowledge managers.
  • * Advanced degree in library and information science or relatedfield and 3+ years as a practicing information architect or 7+ yearsequivalent experience;
  • * Specialisation in law or substantive legal experience highly desirable;
  • * Ability to inspire and lead in a way that gets the best contribution from everyone involved in KM IA&T;
  • * Experience directing information architecture teams, including resource planning, performance assessment and feedback and creativedirection;
  • * Ability to work collaboratively within multinational teams,generate innovative ideas, prioritise complex tasks and work wellunderpressure;
  • * Demonstrated proficiency in project management, showing theability to prioritise and plan activities taking all factors such asdeadlines and resource requirements into account;
  • * Experience in writing information architecture documentation and working with designers, producers and software developers;
  • * Experience teaching fundamental information architecture principles and techniques;
  • * Excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills andproven ability to communicate complex processes at all levels;
  • * Experience in creating controlled vocabularies and the application of controlled vocabularies to content objects;
  • * Knowledge of and experience in interface design and usability testing;
  • * Experience working with document management systems, preferablyiManage;
  • * Experience with taxonomy management software, preferably Verity
  • Intelligent Classifier and Verity Collaborative Classifier;
  • * Knowledge of XML;
  • * Basic skills in use of MS Project and Visio for creating, tracking and reporting on project plans;
  • * Demonstrated proficiency in MS Windows 2000 operating system andMS Office software suite.
  • * Strong technical skills and a sound understanding of the application of IT to legal problems;
  • * Ability to prepare coherent budgets, proposals and plans and toensure that projects move to timely and successful completion;
  • * Sound experience within the professional services sector;
  • * A track record of creative and innovatory thinking;
  • * Strong persuasive and diplomatic skills, ability to presentfluently to lawyers and non-lawyers;
  • * Strong communication skills;
  • * Tenacity and enthusiasm.ATTITUDE
  • * Team player - reliable, flexible, and helpful.
  • * Excellent communication skills, and the ability to communicate at all levels.
  • * Positive approach and ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • * Ability to prioritise and use initiative.
  • * Good organisational skills.


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