Thursday, September 02, 2004

Education for knowledge management

The results of a research by Chaudhry & Higgins (2001) shows:
  • 1. KM courses are mainly offered at the graduate level.
  • 2. These KM courses are from the areas of business, computing, and information.
  • 3. The highest number of KM courses is part of the master's degree in information systems or studies.
  • 4. Information systems and studies departments focused more on knowledge repositories and developing and managing contents.
  • 5. Contents of KM courses in information schools show a slant towards information organization and management, emphasizing on information needs, resource selection, and information search and retrieval.
Information studies programs with ambitions of introducing a knowledge management specialty ought to add additional courses on knowledge organization, KM enabling technologies and knowledge-based organization, in addition to the introductory course on knowledge management covering basic topics of knowledge concepts, technologies, processes and strategies.


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